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Stop trying to be perfect...

Happy New Year, I hope that 2023 brings you happiness and health.

If your goal is to finally start getting into shape, then I have some great advice for you….do not try to be perfect with your training and nutrition. Many people hit the gym in January with great intentions and try to be 100% perfect, but having a spouse, kids, job and just life in general can often make it impossible to be perfect.

So instead of aiming for perfection and risk failing, try this instead…

  • Instead of trying to exercise 5 days per week, just aim for 3 days and make them count

  • If you are trying to drop body-fat, then aim to be in a calorie deficit 5 days out of 7 and just maintain the other 2 days

  • On at least 5 days of the week try to get your steps in

  • Instead of trying to quit sugar and alcohol completely, try to limit the consumption and frequency

  • Try and make your goals manageable around your lifestyle, not the other way around

Follow these and you will be on your way to success, so stop aiming for perfection, because even if you are crushing it you will feel like a failure.

Instead aim for at least 80% consistency and forget about the other 20%, and you will see remarkable results whilst feeling positive about the process.

If you found this useful and would like to see how I can help you get in great shape with just 3 workouts per week, contact me today

Committed to your fitness

Paul Golding

Brighton Bootcamp

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