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How long should my workout be?

How long should you be working out?

This is an extremely popular question, and one I get all the time.

One of the biggest reasons for not working out is TIME.

Many people believe that if they cannot get in a 60-minute workout, they shouldn't even bother doing a workout at all. That said...

But… something is always better than nothing.

And even something as little as 10-minutes can get the job done. So, stop making excuses and don't let time be something that holds you back.

That said, depending on your goals, your current fitness level, how much time you have, how hard you are wanting to train, etc. will help determine what the right amount of time for you is to workout.

So, let's break this down...

10-minutes: like I said before, something is better than nothing, and if you only have 10-minutes, then be sure you make it count! That means choose movements that will give maximum impact to your fitness. Oh, and move for the whole 10-minutes.

15-20 minutes: if you have a little more time, HIIT is a great option here. Do a short warm up followed by HIIT to get your heart pumping. You would be amazed at what you can achieve in 15-20 minutes.

30-45 minutes: Many of my Bootcamp workouts fall into this range because I’ve found that is the sweet spot for most people. But do not be fooled, you can get a lot done in 30-minutes.

60-minutes: If you have the time then great, 60-minutes is a great time to fit in a high quality strength and cardio workout, it gives you enough time to warm up, do your workout and still fit in a cool down. For me personally, I do my best to set aside this amount of time for my workouts.

So going back to my question...

How long should you be working out?

That all depends on YOU and the time you have available…just make sure you do workout consistently.

Paul Golding

Brighton Bootcamp

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