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10 things your fitness journey will teach you…

I’ve been involved in fitness for over 40 years and in that time, I’ve learnt many things, here are 10 things your fitness journey will teach you…

1. Ensure you keep showing up even on the days you don’t want to, consistency is the key to success.

2. Walking is underrated as a fitness activity, get your daily steps in.

3. Being lean and fit requires commitment and dedication for years and a lifetime, not just weeks or months.

4. Lifting weights is less about building your body and more about building your character. worry less about what you look like and more about being healthy!

5. You need discipline more than motivation.

6. Two things that are often overlooked are sleep and rest days, be sure to get enough of both.

7. Not everyone will understand or support your goals, but that is okay.

8. The body you want means getting out of your comfort zone.

9. You cannot out-train a bad diet!

10. Fitness is a lifelong journey, find a way to appreciate the process and not just the end goal.

If you found these useful and would like to see how Brighton Bootcamp can help you, contact me today...

Committed to your fitness

Paul Golding

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