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I don't always like working out!!!

Does it surprise you to learn that sometimes I really don’t like working out? In fact, I suppose the truth is...I don’t like starting my workout. Though once I get going, I’m good. My favourite time to train is usually first thing in the morning, however, sometimes it’s just HARD as like many of you I’ve never really been a morning person, its always been a struggle to leave my warm snuggly bed.(Though I do believe that training first thing is one of the best times to train). Being a personal trainer, I pretty much got thrown into being a morning person with 6am or 7am sessions, but almost 30 years later I’m still not really a morning person. However, once I’m up and at ‘em getting an early start to the day is my preference.  It turns out, that’s when I've had some of my best workouts. But, getting that workout going can be a real challenge some days. I’m sure if I were a client of Brighton Bootcamp it would be different.  Like so many clients tell me, they enjoy coming to Bootcamp.  It’s their place to go to disconnect from everything else and focus on themselves.  Plus, the workouts and the coach are great.  <- Shameless plug. ;-) While I don’t always like working out (getting started at least), I absolutely LOVE the way I feel afterward.  There have been plenty of workouts that I didn’t want to do, but there has never been a workout I regretted doing! Of course, beyond just the feeling after that one workout, I love the way working out CONSISTENTLY makes me feel.  Having been on and off the wagon more times than I can count, I can say with confidence that being on feels so much better...and makes every other part of life so much better. So, even on those days when I’m struggling to get going...I remember WHY I work out and I get my butt in gear. And guess what…I’m ALWAYS glad I did. :-) Now, if you ever struggle with getting to your workouts, I encourage you to remember two things:

1) WHY you NEED to work out?

2) HOW you FEEL when you do?

Committed to your fitness

Paul Golding 

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