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How long does it take to make a difference to your body?

I get asked that question at least once per week and the answer is.. it depends.

There are some rough guidelines that we expect to see but ultimately everybody is different. Different on every level of their body from hormones to biomechanics of muscles and joints. Different on every level of their brain and mindset. Some people push hard from the start, others need a little more coaxing. Some people know exactly what they want to achieve, others just want to get started and work things out from there. There is no universal law, but what we expect to happen is: During the first 4 days, you feel a bit stiff and sore from doing a type of exercise you haven't tried before. Don’t let this put you off coming to your next class – believe it or not, it will help you to relieve some of the stiffness. The first week, you may feel strange due to a change in foods and drinks you are consuming. Caffeine withdrawal headaches and sugar cravings are common. The second week, you will start feeling good and have lots of energy. You will be thinking more clearly. Your clothes will already be feeling looser. And you will be sleeping better. Day 14 onwards, your skin will be clear and looking fresh before any products are used. Your friends will notice a difference. Any digestive issues you had will be reduced. You’ll have less bloating and wind (your partner will thank us!). Blood sugar issues will be starting to regulate and borderline diabetes will pretty much be on the mend. Day 21, your new habits have formed. Any changes now will include a conscious decision to go back to the old way. Week 4, you will be completing workouts that you didn't think were possible four weeks ago. You will feel stronger, faster, leaner and have more energy than you have in years. You will notice how your body feels and looks a lot different to when you started. It will simply work better. Week 6-8, your friends and colleagues will ask you what you have been doing and "wish" they had the motivation to do something like that. Week 12, you have changed your lifestyle on a permanent basis. The results you have are here to stay. You no longer consider yourself to be on a diet. You just eat well most of the time and enjoy being active. And If you start right now, you will feel all this before Summer

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