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I want to talk about something that I’ve seen time and time again with current and prospective clients... When I have someone come to me wanting to lose a stone or two, I’ll start to discuss their diet and lifestyle. What I’m looking for is to paint a picture of where they are currently and what got them there. What is often surprising is that most of them report a solid diet plan, but they are still struggling to lose weight/fat. Of course, you’d think that they would be dropping fat/weight quite easily, but many times this just isn’t the case. And here’s what I’ve discovered over my years working in the fitness industry…most of them are eating more than they think. Unless you’re carrying a food diary with you and literally logging every taste, bite, or lick that happens throughout the day, it’s VERY easy to underestimate how much you’re consuming. The simple truth is that if you’re not losing body fat (assuming that’s the goal), it’s because you’re eating more than you think.  Even I’ve been guilty of this, so I do get it! If you REALLY want to get a handle on how much you’re consuming and create heightened awareness that will serve you going forward, here’s what you can do: Keep a detailed food diary for one week – but do ensure this is your normal daily routine. Be sure not to make any adjustments yet… What you’re doing is simply observing what happens by writing everything down – even a little sip or teaspoon of something. Your only goal is to record everything, not make any changes. Once this is done, you can learn from this. What did you notice? Did you consume more than you thought? Where did you overdo it? Based on what you find, you will not only be able to make sustainable changes going forward but you will also have better awareness about your behaviours, which will then lead you to faster, easier and more sustainable fat loss. If you have any questions or need help with transforming your body, then please contact me as I currently have a few Personal Training spots available.

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