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Are you lying to yourself?

So, how’s your training going? Are you getting stronger and fitter? Do you like what you see in the mirror, does your body please you?

If not, why not?

When new clients come to me and we discuss their goals, we quite often talk about their weight and how they want to reduce it. This is a great and worthwhile goal, but my approach to weight-loss isn’t the usual approach. I don’t talk about calories, or how many hours of exercise that they need to do.

What I focus on is their physical performance, more to the point how we can improve it. To achieve a long-lasting physical transformation, improving your physical performance should be the number one goal.

But what needs to be done to improve performance?

First, we must look at the requirements of true physical fitness-StrengthAerobic capacityAnaerobic capacityPowerMobilityCo-ordinationSpeedMental toughnessWhen these are all improved, something magic happens, you body starts to change for the better. You become leaner, stronger, fitter and faster. Through improving your physical performance, you improve your physical appearance, yes you drop fat and lose weight.

Now this is where the hard question needs to be asked…are you really doing all you can to improve or are you just going through the motions. My point is ‘are you lying to yourselves’!!!

Many people go to the gym regularly, they get a sweat on, throw a few weights around, chat to their friends but they never actually improve…why?

Because they are not taking the correct approach to their training and performance.

At Brighton Bootcamp we take a performance-based approach to training. The goal is to constantly move forward with each client’s fitness, to improve their physical performance to a level where they look and feel good.

If you’d like to see how Brighton Bootcamp can help you to raise your performance to a higher level, contact me today to book your free consultation and receive a free 7day trial.

Committed to your fitness

Paul Golding

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