brighton outdoor bootcamp

 are you ready to go to war on fat?

  • Have you tried to get in shape before but with almost no results?

  • Are you fed up with old habits that are leading you down the path to ill health and a body that is letting you down?

  • Are you tired of following the latest diet, and still not experiencing the changes you want?

  • Do you join a gym every year but quit within a couple of months?

  • Would you like to increase your energy and finally feel in control of your body and mind?

  • Would you like to achieve results that you never thought that you could achieve?

The Good News…

Brighton Bootcamp was created to take all the guess work out of your training and nutrition. Our constantly varied training program combined with our nutrition guide has been designed to help you to:

  • Burn fat

  • Boost fitness

  • Increase strength

  • Increase energy

  • Lose weight

the Bootcamp program is for you, if you are...


·  Disillusioned with diets

·  Not seeing results  

·  Fed up with quitting

·  Uncomfortable in your body

·  Ready to take a focused & disciplined aproach to your health and fitness


Bootcamp is a Group Training program designed to help you reclaim your body. 

What's included:​

·  Nutrition guide to help you navigate the minefield of healthy eating 

·  Regular accountability sessions to help keep you motivated and on-track

·  Top quality coaching from a highly experienced coach guiding you every step       of the way

·  Email support and motivation

Each Bootcamp training session is lead by Paul Golding, a  highly experienced and qualified Personal Trainer.


Each participant recieves high quality instruction and coaching throughout their training session.

By incorporating any mix of Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Calisthenics, Boxing, HIIT etc. each training session is designed to maximise your workout experience.

All the while helping you to lose body-fat, improve fitness, increase functional strength and feel great.