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With guaranteed results our 6 week Bootcamp programme produces amazing transformations in a fun, enjoyable environment where you get results fast!

We are the leading fat-loss experts in the Brighton & Hove area and are proud to have helped many men and women get into great shape!
We've developed a 6-week rapid fat loss programme that's unlike anything you've ever tried in the past. And it's guaranteed to work for you.
Our 6-Week Kick Start programme is a combination of three elements:

  • Fun, efficient training that maximises calorie burn, helping you to remove stubborn fat from your body fast
  • Nutritional guidance and advice
  • Plus, top class coaching and accountability from proven experts with an unmatched track record of success
If you've ever struggled in the past to lose weight and get your body looking the way you want it to, the number one reason for that is a lack of effective coaching and accountability. Here at Brighton Bootcamp & Personal Training we pride ourselves on providing a top class service that guarantees results!
Simply put, there is no substitute for external motivation and personalised coaching from a real expert who has helped many clients get see-it-in-the-mirror results; it's the biggest secret to success!

Client success story: Helena

Helena Haycock

“ I met Paul in April 2009 and signed a contract to be the best I can. I haven’t stopped going to Brighton Bootcamp sessions since that meeting. The dedication is unwavering which makes me have to go – as I can’t let myself down. It’s the best place to get fit and healthy – as they are completely committed to helping you get stronger, leaner and fitter. I’ve tried other gyms and places but as you get individual support and technical knowledgeable in every workout – why would you want to go anywhere else. It is the fitness place where you feel like a VIP and they do care, that’s why I can’t let them down either and keep trying to get fit and lean! ”


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The entire programme is just six weeks of 18 training sessions that can melt up to 10kgs of fat off your body and put you on the fastest track to feeling tight, toned and terrific.

When you complete the form on this page, we'll call you to schedule a time to come in for your lifestyle consultation and to get started.

Who This Is For?

This special programme is designed for both men and women who want to lose up to 10kgs in just 6 weeks… and are ready to fully commit themselves to a proven programme that works!

Look, you've read this far for a reason... you want your best body as quickly as possible, and that's what we're promising you. Just take the first step by completing the form on this page right now. But if you'd prefer to speak with us, call 07968 723534 and mention that you're interested in the 6-Week Kick Start.


We're the leading provider of guaranteed results fitness services in Brighton and Hove because we're committed to the success of our clients (as you can see from their stories). The cost of the 6-Week Kick Start is just £150, which is only £7.50 per session...

So now you just need to ask yourself: “Are you worth it?”  Are your body, health, fitness and how you feel about yourself worth the investment? That's the bottom line. If you are worth it, then complete the form right now.

Client success story: Lucy


“ After having my second child I returned to Brighton Bootcamp to get back into shape. At first it was very daunting, all I remember is the exhaustion, the sweat from working hard and then the immense buzz when it’s finished!

Yes, my muscles were sore and the change didn’t happen overnight, but Paul played to my strengths and knew just how to get the best out of me.

Now over 9 months from having my baby, my pre-pregnancy body is back and I’m loving it! ”


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Client success story: Martin


“ After realising that none of my clothes fitted properly and my gut was stretching my shirts to embarrassing point I decided to check the scales…almost 15 stone, and I’m not a big guy!

After hearing about Brighton Bootcamp I decided to sign up and I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Paul and his team really helped me to understand what I needed to become “Leaner, Stronger, Faster, Fitter”.

After just 5 weeks I had lost a staggering 7% body-fat, but to achieve this I had to overcome a lot of bad habits and a lifetime of little to no exercise, none of which was easy. So if you’re considering giving Brighton Bootcamp a go, all I can say is you’ll be glad you did. Even my wife signed up after seeing my results! ”


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brighton bootcamp 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident that this programme works, that if during your first week you are not entirely satisfied, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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